Positioning of the Number

F.A.Q. #1

I understand how to write the footnote page but, in my paper, where do I write the number?  For example:

“Predictions about which students will do better academically or socially in which setting are highly fallible (6)”.

Does the (6) go after the period or before?

Thank you for your help.




Footnotes and Official Letters

F.A.Q. #22

Can you please tell me if it is proper to use footnotes in official letters? In my opinion, footnotes are for stories, articles, reports, reference books, etc., but not for official letters. My supervisor believes otherwise. I don’t think we should use footnotes in official letters we send to our clients. I feel that when a special procedure applies to a special group of clients that it would be more appropriate to add a paragraph including the details; not a footnote.

I’d really appreciate your input on this.

Thank you very much.