Positioning of the Number

F.A.Q. #1

I understand how to write the footnote page but, in my paper, where do I write the number?  For example:

“Predictions about which students will do better academically or socially in which setting are highly fallible (6)”.

Does the (6) go after the period or before?

Thank you for your help.




The New Canadian Copyright Modernization Act

On January 2, 2015, the new Copyright Modernization Act came into force in Canada and some very interesting articles were recently published in order to help Internet users understand more clearly the nature of this new law, especially since numerous questions remain for many people.

Here are a few articles online that will inform you on the subject…

1) Canadian Press, Copyright Modernization Act Takes Effect As Shomi And CraveTV Ramp Up, published on 12/31/2014.

2) Canada.com, Why illegal downloading just became riskier for Canadians, published on 01/05/2015.

3) Maclean’s, Can stern letters really stop Canadians from downloading illegally?, published on 01/22/2015.

Moreover, two very interesting governmental sites provide information on cyber security and the new provisions of this law:

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